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In light of the federal administration’s new approach to immigration enforcement. The University and the College of Nursing are committed to addressing issues around immigration and their effect on our students. Please see the attached Resource Guide which contains a list of internal and external resources to support you.

The Office of Academic Programs has printed copies in 8x11 and 5x7 sizes as well. 

Student Resources

Heather Sadilek

What does the hold on my UIC account mean? A handy guide for students!

With summer/fall registration approaching, students sometimes discover they have a UIC account hold preventing their registration. The attached guide provides students with a list of common hold types and contact information to have their hold removed.

For more information regarding a UIC account hold:

  1. Go to your My UIC account
  2. Click on “Registration & Records” tab
  3. On left side of page, click on “Student Records and Transcripts” link
  4. Click on “View Holds” link
Heather Sadilek
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