What does the hold on my UIC account mean? A handy guide for students!

CON students sometimes discover they have a UIC account hold preventing their class registration. The attached guide provides students with a list of common hold types and contact information to have the hold(s) removed.

For more information regarding your UIC account hold:

  1. Log in to your My UIC account
  2. Go to top-right search bar, search for “Student Records Menu”, and then select it
  3. Click on “Student Records Menu” icon
  4. Click on “View Holds” link (left-side menu)

Please read regarding ‘College Advising’ holds:

  • “College Advising’ hold will be removed by the Office of Academic Programs prior to registration opening and/or 5 business days after you have met with your CON advisor.
    • If you have not met with your College of Nursing advisor: Contact your CON advisor immediately to make an advising appointment. After your advising appointment, make sure your advisor has checked the ‘Filemaker box’ that you have met with them.
    • If you still have a hold and it is 6 days after you have met with your College of Nursing advisor: Contact Erika Boyko at eboyko@uic.edu

Please read regarding ‘Compliance College Specific’ holds:

  • If you are not compliant by your due date, you will be placed on a ‘Compliance College Specific’ hold. You will not be able to register for future classes until this Compliance hold is lifted.
  • Your ‘Compliance College Specific’ hold will be lifted within 48 hours after your documentation is approval by CastleBranch. Please do not ask for your Compliance hold to be released before you are compliant as your request will be denied.
  • Do not email or call the Office of Academic Programs to ask what clinical requirement is past due, please check your CastleBanch account directly.
  • Do not email your past due documentation to the Office of Academic Programs. We will not upload documents for you.