Attention: Fall 2017 Admits ONLY - Complete Online HIPAA Training Today!

An easy compliance requirement to complete is your online HIPAA Training. Please take 10 minutes today to complete!

Directions to complete online HIPAA training:

  1. Sign in to your Blackboard account:
  2. In “My Courses”, click on the “College of Nursing Compliance Requirements” course.
  3. Scroll down on left-hand side is “Compliance Documentation Requirements” and click on “HIPPA Training”.
  4. Watch video (you might have to install the plugin on your computer to view).
  5. Click on “Acknowledgement of HIPAA Training Form” to download and print.
  6. Complete, scan (or photo under 5MB), and upload PDF to your MyCB - CastleBranch account.

Lastly, if you have completed your HIPAA training in the past, you may upload a copy of your documentation (i.e., certificate, etc.) to your MyCB - CastleBranch in lieu of the College of Nursing HIPAA training form.

Heather Sadilek