CON Student Compliance Reminder

As a student in the College of Nursing, a major part of your learning takes place in a clinical setting with hands‐on interaction with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals. As such, the college abides by the strict terms of our contracts with our clinical partners which require that all students are clinically compliant. It is the students’ responsibility to maintain their own clinical compliance with the College of Nursing.

Helpful tips!

  • Check your CastleBranch account periodically (especially over winter and summer breaks) to see what clinical requirements are nearing expiration or past due. CastleBranch also emails you daily reminders two weeks before your due date. Please do not call and ask what is past due, you will only be directed to CastleBranch.
  • Do not email your documents to the Office of Academic Programs. We will not upload documents for you.
  • If you are not compliant by your due date, you will be placed on a Compliance Hold. You will not be able to register for future classes until this hold is lifted. Non-compliant students can also be pulled from their clinicals.
  • Lastly, please do not ask for your Compliance Hold to be released before you are compliant. Your request will be denied.

Thank you in advance and we appreciate your help in making the College of Nursing compliant for our clinical partners!

Heather Sadilek